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We define quality

Competent and dedicated, the Reen Global team distinguishes itself by maintaining its focus on service. With this direction, We can comply with the industry’s most demanding standards while maintaining profitability and motivation.

Our Capabilities

Respectable Capacity

20K pcs/month

Long-term Experience

10+ Years

Innovative Manufacturing

14 steps process

Branding T-shirts

1. LEAN production

It is important for us to focus on sustainability and responsibility in the manufacturing processes. Our application of LEAN manufacturing system improves efficiency which reduces not only waste but also your lead time.

2. OEM/ODM manufacturing

Our team is committed to creating innovative ODM/OEM solutions for your fashion brands. Our skillful employees and high-technology machine system allow us to manage the entire process from design to the finished products.

3. Competitive prices and timely delivery

We strive to offer international quality standard products at reasonable prices and in a timely manner.

4. Reliable suppliers and strategic partners

With our wide and continuously developed network of trusted supply chain, we are able to assist you in choosing the most suitable materials to make your collections come to life.

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